March 11, 2013


 Complex fluids

A substantial part of recent activity in our group deals with complex fluids, such as polymeric fluids. These polymeric fluids often have a strong non-Newtonian character.


Development of electrokinetic platforms is another area of research in our group. We have played a foundational role in the development of a new field of research in electrokinetics that has is being referred to as ‘opto-electrofluidics’ or ‘opto-electric’ techniques. Opto-electric techniques combine optics and electrokinetics synergistically to achieve control over matter at the micro and nano length scales.

 Bacterial dynamics

Our research focuses understanding bacterial dynamics and its inter-relationship with hydrodynamics. Specifically, we are currently using biomicrofluidics to investigate bacterial biofilms. Biofilms are an aggregative surface associated state of bacteria that are relevant to diverse disciplines including human health and the environment.


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