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ME244: Experimental methods in Microfluidics (Jan 2018) [Content Removed]

ME225: Introduction to Soft Matter (August 2018) [Content Removed; Will be reposted when new course begins]

ME244: Experimental methods in Microfluidics (Jan 2019)

Instructor: Aloke Kumar
Office: MECH 401
Phone: +91(80)22932958
Email: alokekumar AT

Class Meeting: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-11.30 pm (Venue: MMCR)

January 31,2019: No class

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Introduction to experimental methods used in mechanics. Fundamentals of flow visualization and quantification, with emphasis on of fluid flow at the micron-scale. Brownian motion and its quantification. Particle image velocimetry (PIV), micro-particle image velocimetry (µ-PIV) and three-component flow measurement in three dimensions. Optical measurement of strain; digital image correlation (DIC). Thermometry at the micron-scale; laser induced fluorescence (LIF). Applications to microfluidic, biomicrofluidic and biomechanics.

Details of course topics:
• Introduction: Introduction to statistical methods (e.g. correlations). General concepts of displacement quantification.
• General concepts on flow visualization: Using dyes, and other visualization techniques to observe flows and flow structures. Introduction to the basics of different optical techniques, such as fluorescence imaging.
• Particle-tracking and Particle-image velocimetry: Fundamentals of particle tracking and particle-image velocimetry (PIV). Details of correlation tracking.
• Microscale flow visualization – Issues and difficulties with microscale flow visualization. How to adopt PIV for micro-scale flow visualization?
• Three-dimensional flow visualization – How to visualize and quantify flow in three-dimensions. Details of two-camera PIV imaging. Aberration based three-dimensional particle tracking velocimetry.
• Strain measurement at the micron-scale – Introduction to digital image correlation (DIC) and related optical methods for strain measurement.
• Thermometry: Measurement of temperature at the micron scale using techniques such as LIF fluorescence will be discussed.

Background in fluid mechanics and transport phenomena is encouraged. Knowledge of statistical techniques will be beneficial, but not required.

References: (principal: instructor’s notes)
Raffel, M., Willert, C., Wereley, S.T., Kompenhans, J, Particle Image Velocimetry, Springer, 2007
Sutton, M.A., Orteu, J-J,m Schreier, H.W., Image Correlation for Shape, Motion and Deformation Measurements, Springer

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Bead in an Optical Trap
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