Kumar Biomicrofluidics Laboratory

We work at the interface of mechanical engineering and biology. The core of our research is related to fluid dynamical phenomena at the micro and nano-scale spanning diverse applications such as human health, energy and environment

Latest News

Dr. Kumar’s Blog

March 2017: Follow Dr. Kumar’s essay on his blog: http://shastra-artha.blogspot.com/

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March 2017: Follow us on twitter. Twitter handle: @aalokelab

Dr. Kumar becomes a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University

February 2017: Dr. Kumar becomes a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University.

Zahra Nikakhtari win’s Queen Elizabeth Research scholarship

January 2017: Zahra Nikakhtari, an undergraduate researcher with the Kumar Lab, won the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship (QES). She will be travelling to University of Leeds in summer 2017 to conduct research. Congratulations and good luck Zahra.

Congratulations Dr. Hassanpourfard

January 2017: Mahtab Hassanpourfard successfully defends her thesis and becomes the first PhD student from the Kumar Group. Mahtab’s work focused on bacterial streamer formation in the presence of low Reynolds number flows. Congratulations Mahtab … err Dr. Hassanpourfard.